Chemistry of Silicon Chips Essay

Your research paper will need to be between 3-4 pages double spaced. Figures are highly encouraged and should include figure numbers captions and embedded citations. Your report should examine the topic deeply and show a breadth of research. This will be evident by your use of embedded citations. Your citations and references should be in APA format. A review of this formatting is in the resources section. Your references should be from authoritative sources and you will need to include some primary source information into your report.

When posting in the discussion forum be sure to include a hyperlink to your original document so your references can be evaluated for proper form.

When uploading to the assignment dropbox it is best is you do not include the references. The drop box will provide you with a turnitin score. Anything above 20% will need to be discussed. Material sciences is a huge branch in Chemistry. Drawing inspiration from nature and applying our knowledge of intra and intermolecular forces chemists are able to make a myriad of substances that perform very specific functions. In this topic you will need to connect the properties of the substance to the molecules themselves. Investigate shape, polarity and intermolecular forces. Topics can include historical references and possible future advancements.

Please follow the same format as the example below and also use size 12 font and times new roman