AU Role Play Script for Social Worker Discussion


Shondra is a 21-year-old, African American business major at a large university. Over the past few weeks her family and friends have noticed increasingly bizarre behaviors. On many occasions they’ve overheard her whispering in an agitated voice, even though there is no one nearby. Lately, she has complained of heart palpitations, profuse sweating, insomnia, and has angry outbursts. She has stopped attending classes altogether. She is now so far behind in her coursework that she will fail if something doesn’t change very soon. She lives at home and her parents have brought her for counseling.


  1. Before the role play, consider the following:
    1. How will you demonstrate your engagement and other therapeutic skills utilizing relational therapy?
    2. What is an evidence-based intervention that you plan to apply to help the client meet his or her goals and objectives, and how will you demonstrate that in the role play?
    3. How will you handle disruptions, transference, and countertransference?
  2. As the social worker in the role play, be sure that the following are covered during the role play:
    1. Demonstrate the use of relational therapy (or other best practice) in engaging with the client.
    2. Apply advanced clinical skills in the multidimensional intervention of psychosocial dysfunction or impairment, including emotional, mental, and behavioral disorders, conditions, and addictions.
    3. Demonstrate components of an evidence-based intervention.
    4. End the session by asking the client how he or she feels about the intervention and his progress with the goals and objectives you outlined in the previous session. You also need to mention that treatment will be ending soon, and start planning for termination.