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Written Assignment #1

Fred Farmer purchased a tractor from Conglomerate, Inc., for $75,680. Fred paid for the tractor with a negotiable note payable to Conglomerate. Conglomerate negotiated the note to the We Get Results Finance Company to satisfy a prior debt. We Get Results negotiated the note to the ASPCA as a charitable donation. Neither We Get Results nor the ASPCA knew anything about the contract between Fred & Conglomerate. When the note came due, Fred refused to pay the ASPCA, alleging that the tractor it purchased from Conglomerate was defective in that the tractor’s only working gear was reverse. 

Who is liable for payment on the instrument to the ASPCA?

Be sure to fully explain the reasons for your answer. Keep in mind that this is a professional communication, so proceed accordingly. Spelling and grammar definitely count.

This assignment is to be typed and handed 

Written Assignment #2

A potential ethical dilemma

Assume you are a recent graduate of Yale Law School who finished in the top ten percent of your class. Your lifelong passion is to preserve the environment. Consequently, you hope to practice environmental law when you graduate. In the meantime, you have over $100,000 of student loans that you have to start paying back six months after your graduation. You have interviewed with several environmental law firms, all of which are offering starting salaries averaging $63,000. You also interviewed with Acme Chemical Corporation, an organization that is not exactly sympathetic to environmental concerns. But, Acme offers you a job as its in-house counsel at a starting salary of $157,000 per year. So, you are trying to decide whether you should suppress your desire to defend environmental concerns and take the higher paying job with Acme. If you take the job, one of your duties with Acme would be to go to court and get restraining orders against environmental protesters – many of whom are friends of yours (or were), who are as passionate about saving the environment as you are.


1) Discuss two reasons why you would take the job.

2) Discuss two reasons why you would not take the job.

3) Discuss what the easier position for you to argue was.

Be sure to discuss how the agent’s duties of obedience, loyalty, performance and notification would impact your decision making process in parts one and two.

Specifications: An APA paper, double spaced, 12 font, 1 inch margin (top, bottom, left and right), and at least three (3) sources.