Action Plan

Benchmark – Literacy Action Plan

A literacy action plan is a blueprint for improving student literacy skills. An effective plan requires that reading/literacy specialists use data skillfully to determine student performance, literacy needs, and expectations in the school. In addition, a literacy action plan relies on data to evaluate and improve current instructional practices and determine the overall effectiveness of the literacy program.

Create a 750-1,000 word literacy action plan for the grade level of your field experience classroom. You may use the action plan template for your district or state as a basis for formatting your literacy action plan.

Address the following:

  • Action steps for achieving 1-2 goals and timeline for completing them
  • Summary of the collaboration with stakeholders that will occur to support teachers in selecting assessment tools and administering literacy assessments
  • Potential barriers for achieving the goals
  • Family communication plan between reading/literacy specialist and families, to include initial, follow-up, and progress reporting
  • Progress monitoring/evidence of success
  • Evaluation tools
  • The rationale for the plan would be used to advocate for literacy and language practices to stakeholders, including administrators and families. Include how assessment results will be used to improve student outcomes.
  • Analysis of how implementing the action plan is expected to create a culture that promotes literacy in the middle-grades -7th grade-level classroom.

Support your literacy action plan with 3-5 scholarly resources.