Academic Issues Essay

The assignment specifics are as follows:

Provide me a 2-3 page essay on what you have learned from your Mid-Term Exam experience. I would like you to include the following in your essay assignment: What was your initial motivation? How did you feel before and after our discussion? and What did you learn from this experience that you will bring with you as you progress in your studies and/or career. I would also be interested in your thoughts on what you would have done had you been in my situation. This is an essay assignment so I will be looking for an essay and not simple answers to the question I raised. The Voluntary Assignment will be graded out of 15 and will provide an opportunity to increase your final marks by 15 points. Grading will be both on your essay content and grammar. The deadline for the assignment is April 8 and I will not be providing an extension on this date. I am hopeful you will find my proposal fair and let me know if you will be accepting my additional assignment. Thank you again for your continued support.